French Macaron Recipe

Ok now that you’ve read my guide to making the perfect macarons you are ready to try your hand at baking them! Here is my recipe! I hope it is as faithful to you as it has been to me!
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Le French Macarons: A Beginners Guide

Is there anything more delicious and amazing than a French macaron? Crunchy shell on the outside, perfect chewiness on the inside and filled with all kinds of yummy butter creams and ganaches… The possibilities are endless.

But who wants to spend 3 dollars a piece for them? Not that they aren’t worth it- those suckers are time consuming to make!!- but who can afford that? High bakery prices have made me resort to making my own. Let me rephrase that- high bakery prices have made me resort to ATTEMPT to make my own. I quickly discovered that these suckers are finicky as all else.

I remember making my first batch- so excited to enjoy the wonders of what is macaron delight in the pleasure of my own home, only to pull out the first pan of flat, footless, burnt remnants of what could never even be considered in the realm of macarons. I adjusted my oven temp, moved the rack as suggested in one persons blog and stuck in the second batch. These ones morphed into poof balls, cracked and still- burnt. I blamed it on the recipe, quickly googled another, ran to the store for some more almond meal and tried again. Batch after batch I discovered yet another macaron deformation- flat pancake like macarons, lopsided macarons, burnt macarons, hollow macarons, cracked shells, warped shells, bumpy shells… And my husband would walk into the kitchen to find me hopelessly recumbent on the floor- covered in powdered sugar and almond meal, bested by the tiny meringue cookies yet again. They haunted me- I was obsessed. I bought books, read every trouble shooting guide, pinned every pin and watched every video. If it was the last thing I would ever do- I would make at least one successful batch of macarons before my dying day.

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Road Trip Adventures

I pretty much live for travel, so when we snagged some tickets to Portland’s Wizard World Convention we took the opportunity to go on a road trip. Northern California is just beautiful and I’ve always wanted to visit Portland- I considered this trip a three-fer.

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Wildlife Safari Park in Oregon

On our recent road trip to Portland, we drove through this wonderful Safari Park in Winston Oregon called Wildife Safari. We got there about an hour and a half before sunset and we took advantage of the twilighty goodness to photograph some of these beautiful creatures that live here on this unique wildlife reserve.

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February Popsugar Must Have Box Review

February is here, and with it comes a new must have box. Let us dig in, shall we?
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Monterey California

Monterey California is absolutely one of my favorite places in all of California, if not in the world. The crisp clean air, dramatic beaches, and beautiful trees make it a truly breathtaking place to visit. We stopped here for a day on our road trip to Portland to take some pictures for you guys.

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Perfection in a Mug: My French Press Coffee Tutorial

I’m obsessed with coffee. Coffee is my favorite part of the day. I wake up, creep downstairs while my husband is still sleeping, open up my cabinet and contemplate which brewing method I want to attempt that morning. Aeropress? Espresso? Pour over? Ah, or good ol’ French Press? But French Press can be a little tricky. There are a few things to take into consideration when trying to get the perfect cup with this method.

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PopSugar Must Have Monthly Subscription Box: A Review

I really enjoy monthly subscription services- they are addicting to say the least. It’s like Christmas every month and there are TONS out there now from beauty to fashion, even subscriptions for your period that include tampons, pads and chocolates timed to your monthly cycle (how amazingly bizarre is that?!). But PopSugar is the first of it’s kind in that it has one of each kind of item most of us are looking for in each box. So instead of getting 5 trial sized beauty products, you get 5 different kinds of full size products to try out and adore. One fashion, one beauty, one home, one fitness and one food item plus one bonus item are usually included in this amazing subscription. Here is my experience with the January 2014 box!

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First World Muggle Problems

I do love me some Harry Potter. I first started to read it in fifth grade, right around the time I myself was eleven. I was young enough to stay up late at night, waiting for my very own owl to come with my invitation to Hogwarts. I felt like Hermione was my best friend, like Hogsmeade was hidden somewhere in my very own backyard. As I grew up, so did Harry- when he first snogged Cho is right around when I also received my first kiss. And when it all ended I had just graduated high school and was out in the world on my own. I can’t think of a more fantastic book to resonate with as a young reader in this world, and I am so grateful to Rowling for creating this universe for me to grow up in.

So- about this business with Rowling admitting that Hermione should have ended up with Ron and the entire muggle world attacking her for it… I really think these readers need to grow up! How can you possibly say that Rowling has no right to have opinions about her own stories? These are HER characters! This is HER world, this gets to be HER realm.

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Top Ten Most Useful Apps for Your Road Trip

Recently I went on my first road trip as an adult and I had an amazing time! I’m sure I will post something about my adventures soon but I wanted to share some apps that made my life one billion (yes, exactly one billion) times easier while we were on the road.

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